Schengen Requirements

Original Passport

3 pcs. White background photograph

Document substantiating purpose of stay (for example: invitation, organized trip reservation, itinerary, health/medical facility confirmation, employment confirmation, invitation/tickets for a congress, expo, seminar, business relations confirmation, invitation/application for participation in consultations, conference, seminar etc.)

In case of transit, visa or other permit to enter a third country, which is the final destination and (air plane) tickets for the trip

Proof of accommodation or proof of sufficient financial means to arrange for accommodation (for example: invitation, hotel voucher etc.)

Proof of sufficient financial means for subsistence during a stay in the Schengen area, for return to a country of residence or for a transit to a third country, in which the applicant resides or can obtain financial means legally

Information, which will allow to ascertain the intention to leave the Schengen area before the expiry of visa (for example: (air plane) ticket reservation, proof of financial means, employment confirmation, proof of immovable property, proof of family or work ties etc.)

Travel medical insurance


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